The third man, Christopher Patrick, has since put forth an affidavit, stating that the girls had nothing to do with the robbery. There is also an affidavit from a Lisa Lofton. Lisa was incarcerated in the Scott County jail in Mississippi, 1994. It was at this time that fellow inmates Gregory and Howard Patrick told her of the forced statement signing, and that the girls were innocent.

On October 5, 1994, Gladys and Jamie Scott were each convicted of two counts of armed robbery and sentenced to two life terms in Scott County Mississippi. Unless justice can prevail, the minimum time is 50 years each.

How did this happen when even the trial revealed the plea bargains that were falsely offered to the "Patrick Men" if they were to implicate the Scott sisters? How did the girls get such a sentence when Duckworth and Hayes were neither killed or even hospitalized? 

Most "Innocence Projects" will only deal in DNA evidence. Where do the girls turn to? This is a case both lost and forgotten in the unwatched world of rural Mississippi. One could argue that the counsel provided to the Scott sisters was ineffective; yet portions of the trial transcript show that the defense scored major points that were completely ignored and chalked up to "harmless error". Harmless to anyone other than Gladys and Jamie Scott.

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The Mississippi Justice Project Presents
The Gladys & Jamie Scott Story
The night of December 23, 1993 was already bad enough for sisters Gladys and Jamie Scott. When their car would not start at a Mini Mart in Forest Mississippi, getting a ride from Mitchell Duckworth and Johnny Ray Hayes would result in the men sexually harassing the girls to the point of the sisters getting out and walking half a mile home.

Yet the two men left behind would meet up with 3 other men later that night. Exactly what happened between these 5 may never be known, but Howard, Gregory and Christopher Patrick would be arrested for robbing Duckworth and Hayes. Yet the version of the story as told by Howard and Gregory Patrick, in a plea bargain, would send two innocent girls to prison for life!
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